Southern California – Tour Update

We have had an amazing tour and God has truly been taking us to a new level of obedience and confidence in our call to reach people with the Love of Christ.

Korean churches… God opened 3 different opportunities to minister to Korean American kids. We did an outreach concert in Pasadena.  We had incredible warfare on the whole night. Sound system going nuts! and a real sense of spiritual attack. We played our music and then I shared the gospel and a specific word the Lord gave me for this group about 2 paths ahead and they had a choice to live for Christ or not. Around 30 kids responded to the gospel. One of the girls said that God spoke to her in a vision and she saw one path with light on it and that God wanted

her to choose that way.  We prayed with kids and had a few very heartbreaking stories of self hate and need for prayer for a desire to live.

The next night we did a missions focus at the same location and worked with a pastor and led worship and saw many respond to the call to missions and get a greater heart for reaching the lost.

Sunday morning – we took a youth/college age service at a different korean church. It was a great morning with a mission focus and as we prayed for those with a heart for missions I sensed that some had not responded to the gospel and so we asked if there were any that needed to commit their lives…. around 7 0r 8 raised their hands and we prayed together.

God has a lot for Koreans…. they have a huge heart for missions!! And an amazing heart for prayer. We are grateful to have been able to pour into these Korean American Kids.


We have recently arrived back in Kona. Bruno our bass player from France is in his DTS lecture phase right now. It is a DTS with a Film/T.V focus, so he is learning alot of skills with video and editing etc. We will be practicing with him and writing new music.

We will do some local outreaches this quarter in kona as well as head to Maui  (May 17thg-18th)to work with Hope Chapel a church who is flying us over to do 2 nights with different focuses. The first night will be for the youth group kids mostly focusing on encouraging them. The next night we will be an outreach concert where they bring friends and it is advertised to the community.

We also will be heading to Minnesota to work with Dani Johnson at another one of her conferences for 4 days (May 23-26). We are excited to be apart of this business seminar that will be the next step from the one we were a part of in Los Angeles. 

We will play on the Saturday night again and helping in any way we can during this time.

Until Next time! Natalie

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