Central America Tour

It is difficult to describe all of the things we experienced in Central America in only a few short paragraphs, so I’ve tried to summarise a little below!

…Beautiful people, material poverty, rich cultural heritage, armed guards with shotguns, mangos, papaya, plantains, jungle, mud, cold showers, beautiful empty beaches, humidity, great food, crazy driving, The Panama Canal, laughter, Sharks, fresh coconuts, parrots, monkeys, snakes, toads, tarantulas, two foot iguanas, mosquitos, torrential rain, warm sunshine, women carrying heavy baskets on their heads…

And the list goes on!

Out of all the things I got to see and do, the highlight was definitely meeting and connecting with all the great people in these countries, and our prayer is that we made a significant impact on their lives.

We experienced God’s favour in opening up some strategic opportunities
for us to get on some mainstream radio and TV stations, as well as some great venues to play live, including churches, bars, highschools, community halls and parking lots to name a few! Luminous played to a total of over 5000 people live, and to countless others on radio and TV interviews.

On this tour, we were encouraged to see some tangible fruit in
people’s lives – with around 230 people responding and indicating they
were making a commitment to Jesus, including the bus driver who drove
us to one of our concerts. We were able to connect many of those who
responded with the Christian contacts and churches who we were working
closely with in the different countries. This is important to us, as
we know these people will have an opportunity to be encouraged and
grow in their new faith.

One of my favourite opportunities was playing in a chain of
high-schools in El Salvador. These schools are actually in the
Guinness book of records for being the largest school in the world!
Only 3 weeks before we were there, one of the students had commited
suicide, and there is a lot of fear in the lives of the young people.
We played 5 concerts in 2 days to different groups and shared with
them that they are loved by their Creator. 86 responded and we got to
talk in a class room with them after and really go deeper and
challenge them to connect in and grow with the local group. Our
contact at the school said it was the first time they had ever had a
response to the gospel and the first fruit he had seen. Praise God! He
was excited to get their names and to keep in touch with them. One of
the girls who responded had just been in his office for counseling
that week because of lack of hope and thoughts of suicide.

We concluded the tour with a week in North Carolina where we played
some more concerts and had a few days resting. I think we all
experienced some slight culture shock to be back in such a rich area,
where many of the comforts of life such as a hot shower taken for
granted! It is a challenge to us all to appreciate the good things we
have in life. We have all grown a lot on this trip as we consider what we have seen and experienced.

Thank you for being part of what we are doing, and helping our band reach people with the Truth of Jesus Christ.

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