Japan Tour Update

We had an incredible time playing 21 shows in 24 days on our tour of Japan. What a beautiful country with so much culture and character and incredibly wonderful people. It was an honour to play and share our music.

21 venues in 24 days…thats a lot of concerts..! Our bodies are physically sore from lugging all our gear through the streets and train stations of Tokyo.  We played in many types of venues and experienced some pretty interesting things.   For example, being crammed on a train like sardines, heated toilet seats, Shinjuku (Times Square on acid) Japanese Gospel singing classes, fashion like you would not believe, Karaoke, Hilarious English translation and much more.

It was such a  privilege to be apart of what God did on this tour. We were able to encourage the Christians to rise up in faith, and see around 60 Japanese receive and begin a relationship with Jesus. Sweetness!  Our friends said, “this kind of response is not normal in Japan.”

Tour Dates

Sep 20     6:00P    HIBA Club                
Sep 23     8:00P    Prophecy Cafe            
Sep 25     8:00A    Tama Sei High School        
Sep 26     8:00A    Tama Sei High School        
Sep 26     7:00P    Art Decision Cafe            
Sep 27    6:00P    Shinjuku-Shalom Center        
Sep 28    6:00P    Grace Japan                
Oct 1       8:00A    CAJ High School            
Oct 2       7:00P    Ueno Park Outdoor Stage    
Oct 3       7:15P    Kickback Cafe                
Oct 4      7:15P    Kickback Cafe                
Oct 5     12:00P   F&V    
Oct 6       7:00P    Waseda University
Oct 7      7:15P    Welcome Back Live House    
Oct 10     7:30P    King’s Center    
Oct 11     6:00P    Shuto Center    
Oct 12    1:00P    Shinjuku-Shalom Center    
Oct 12    6:00P    Shibuya Harvest  

The Luminous Sky at Welcome Back Live HouseTokyo Japan

Ueno Park Outdoor Amphitheatre…
Ueno Park is a huge park in Tokyo that has many Shinto Temples. After we played, one guy came up at the end saying he would like a Bible because he was interested in Jesus, but was not ready to receive him. About a week
later, we played at another cafe and 4 people responded to the gospel – one of them was the guy we had met at Ueno park. He said; “I made the step tonight to ask Jesus in my life!”

CAJ – Christian International High School
We played and shared a message that each person is loved by their Creator and uniquely made. We saw over 10 students raise their hands indicating they wanted to commit to following Jesus. We heard later that many students had been crying and were moved deeply.

The Luminous Sky at CAJ High School Tokyo Japan

Tamagawaseigakuin Girls School
Over 20 hands were raised – commitments to Christ! Our contact was really encouraged and said some of those who raised their hands were girls she had prayed regularly for.

One of the venues we played at was a church that met in a cafe. We handed out fliers at the train station. In Japan many people hand out things in the train station, so it was hard to actually get people to take the fliers!!
However, one woman was on her way home from work, and decided to come with us to the concert. That night she accepted Christ in her life! She was connected in with the church was going to attend the next day.

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