Wie machen Sie Deutschland?!! (How you doing Germany?!!)

Some news archives from an old tour back in 2006!

Fast! Fast! Fast! On the Autobahn…150km/hr and a clear conscience…

I had a lot of fun driving down from Frankfurt to Lake Konstanz on the
Autobahn. It is an odd sensation to be going 130-140km/hr and be
overtaken by a big Audi, BMW or better still a nice Ferrari.

Thanks for those who were praying about my quest to get a van for us
to use on tour. That was a difficult challenge with a lot of
beauracracy and paperwork to get through! In the end we found one to
rent here in Deutchland at a reasonable price – and I feel that was
the best option.

Well where do I start!??? Germany (or Deutchland as it is known
locally) is awesome. I am going to start calling it Deutchland as the
locals prefer that – just so you know.

We just had the most amazing weekend playing at a festival in front of
around 9000 people! This was on the edge of the beautiful Lake
Konstanz in the south of Germany. The festival was organised to
celebrate the world cup and it featured a huge screen with live
coverage of the game. We got to play just before the Deutchland vs
Argentina game so the crowd was pretty amped up ready to watch the
game on the screen. Deutchland won by the way – and it was incredible
to be there when the winning goal was scored and watch everyone get
rather excited! Almost as good as being at the game!

We played a couple more shows on that same stage with smaller crowds,
but it was still a great experience. The organisers of this festival
are not Christians, but the local churches have got together and have
the opportunity to work with the organisers. So there were a couple of
famous sportspeople who are Christians who shared their testimonies,
and there were a number of other Christian bands playing. We really
feel like it was an effective time – and one of the pastors who was
involved with running the event told us the main organiser had said to
him he wanted to start coming to church!

That is really encouraging to us that we can be a small part of
challenging people to think about what they believe. We feel called
more on this tour to play in secular venues and be a light in those
places, more than playing in churches and to Christian audiences, and
this seems to be bearing fruit so far.

Now we are back in Frankfurt, and had another amazing gig outside the
central train station – the biggest in Deutchland. So it was another
great opportunity to play to lots of people as they are walking past.
We will be playing again at this stage for the next 3 days – so please
remember us in prayer that we would be a bright light in this very
dark area. This area has a number of homeless people and drug addicts
who hang around the train station – so please pray for safety and
protection for us – but also that God would give us a real heart for
these people and that somehow we can communicate a clear message of
the gospel through our music and with the words we say – and that it
would fall on fertile ground in their hearts.

Yesterday when we were playing Natalie shared her testimony and a
brief gospel message and one homeless person started crying, but then
he went and got another beer, and the moment kind of passed! Please
pray for wisdom for us to have the right words to say and that the
hold of the enemy over these people´s lives would be broken, and that
somehow the message of hope that we bring would take root.

On Thursday we travel to Berlin to play at a similar event for the
days leading up to the Soccer world cup final which is being played in

Well that’s all for now.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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